Long Term Business Relationships Key To Pharmaceutical Sales Success

#sales #jobs #pharmaceutical  — I just read in a sales newsletter from business and motivational guru Brian Tracy that the top ten percent of successful sales people in any industry and for any products or services rely on the skill of building and maintain long term business relationships.  This of course is also true in pharmaceutical sales.

Pharmaceutical sales is not a quick selling activity.  Quite often, it will take numerous calls to the same doctors before they will even really listen to you and try out your products.  So anything that will help a drug representative build that business relationship over time with doctors, nurses and pharmacists, will help greatly.

Sometimes, just calling on doctors at their offices will not be enough especially if they are key physicians in a sales territory.  Other sales activities including sponsorships, medical conferences and even general activities for smoozing will be required to build successful business relationships.

If one does not enjoy smoozing or has a problem socializing with a particular group of people, there can be problems.  The very people that some might avoid socially might turn out to be very important customers.  Therefore, one would have to get to learn to smooze with these customers.

Otherwise, pharmaceutical sales would not be the right career choice for people who do not like smoozing with a particular group of people.  Successful drug representatives are true people persons who have no hangups with dealing with any group of customers over the long term day in and day out.

Again, pharmaceutical sales is a long term, people business that requires building of long term business relationships.  Those who don’t have the patience for long term activities or are not truly open minded people persons, should consider another career other than sales.   History has shown that those who are not people persons, will fail in pharmaceutical sales as well as any other selling environment which long term business relationships are key.

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