Learn To Use Reprints For Medical Sales Job

To Excel In Medical Sales Job

I did another pharmaceutical sales representative consulting project this past week for another big pharmaceutical company.  The drug rep territory I consulted in was one where the representative didn’t use medical reprints very much and had a ton of inventory left even this late in the year.

One thing I strongly suggested is that not only for this particular sales territory but all territories across the country should fully utilize medical reprints especially if they support the use of the company products.  I recall ordering medical reprints as a product marketing manager.  Since simply photocopying medical articles from journals for wide distribution is copyright infringement, we have to order them from the publishers and they do not come cheap.

Unused medical reprints represent another waste of promotional dollars if the sales representative does not use them on territory.  Maybe some drug reps are not totally comfortable on using them and should get some training on their use since medical reprints can be one of the most effective promotional tools in a medical sales job.

Reprints Trusted More Than Medical Sales Aids

Another thing that is good about reprints is that they are trusted much more by doctors than your usual colorful flashy medical sales aids.  Many doctors see sales aids as advertising but reprints especially from recognized medical journals are scientific proof to be taken seriously.

To use medical reprints effectively, the drug rep must learn the key components of each part of the literature and know how to discuss them effectively with the doctors.  The use of such reprints will bring up the level of interaction between the rep and the doctor significantly.

For drug reps failing to use reprints like the one I consulted with this past week, there is a huge risk of losing the medical sales job since one of the most effective tools provided by the company is not being utilized on territory.

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