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Inside Pharmaceutical Sales Reps Joke

I recently posted the line ‘ I sold drugs’ on my Facebook page (one of the non-pharmaceutical ones) as I was introducing a blog post about how I financed my lengthly martial arts competition career over the years.  Competing internationally in martial arts or any sport for that matter is not cheap.  There are high costs involved in travel like hotels, flights, meals and of course competition fees.  I dealt with such costs for years.

I wouldn’t have been able to compete internationally if it weren’t for my full time career at that time, which was working as a member of the team of pharmaceutical sales reps for drug companies.  I was initially a pharmaceutical sales rep and then later got promoted to management positions.

I Sold Drugs

That’s where the ‘I sold drugs’ line came into effect.  It was especially useful and entertaining at parties and other social events when non-industry people and friends were around.  They would always get the line wrong and thought that I dealt with illegal substances.

Looks like only us pharmaceutical sales reps really understood this insider line right away.  But I did have fun with this line for years as it raised all sorts of eyebrows, even on dates.

I didn’t use if for a few years since retiring from the industry although I do publish a very useful book on helping people get jobs as pharmaceutical sales reps.  I finally pulled that line out again for the Facebook page post and some of my Facebook friends were indeed quite surprised.  I guess they didn’t get it too!

Of course, I immediately posted a correction of what the line really meant and I think some of my Facebook friends were quite relieved that they were not being friends with a former illegal drug dealer.

Looks like the line still works in terms of causing a bit of a stir out there 🙂

If you want to be in the position to use that line as well as a professional pharmaceutical sales rep, start with my free webinar on pharmaceutical sales jobs.

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