Is Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs Strategies Relevant For Outside USA?

#sales #jobs #employment #hiring #pharmaceutical — I was recently emailed a question from a prospective pharmaceutical sales job hunter and she asked me if my experience and strategies are relevant for markets outside the USA.  This is a fair question since I have readers from around the world in addition to those in North America.

Most multinational pharmaceutical companies work in different continents with many of the same products.  When I was a product marketing manager, I met up with my counterparts from Italy, the UK, Asia and the US.  We compared what was working and what was not in our respective regions for our common products being marketed.
Sometimes, we would confer with each other in advance of market introduction of new products and if one already had a head start in his or her region.  Some countries get faster government approvals for new drugs so the marketing gets going quicker in some regions.
In industrialized nations, the pharmaceutical sales forces work pretty well the same, especially how they sell to doctors.  So as far as getting pharmaceutical sales job positions with these sales forces, yes, the strategies for job hunting and networking will be the same.  I’ve had satisfied readers for my book ‘How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice and Guidance From a Sales Manager’ from Australia, the UK and Europe as well as North America.
So if you are interested in pharmaceutical sales jobs and you live outside of the USA, that’s not a problem.  Take my free webinar and you will get numerous tips over time that will help you in your job search and networking activities with the pharma industry in your region no matter where you are.  Just access the webinar at the sidebar of this blog or at the webinar tab of my pharmaceutical sales Facebook page
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