Is Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs Author A Scam?

Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs Author A Scam?

Well folks, looks like this pharmaceutical sales jobs author, yours truly, passed the scam test.  There’s a website that reviews different websites out there to report whether some of them are scams or not.  Personally, I think this is a great idea since there are do many internet scams out there and any resource to help protect us or at least warn us in advance is much appreciated.

I must have raised some eyebrows as a possible scam because as an author, I wrote to date, five different books in four very different and unrelated topic areas.  Of course, readers of my pharmaceutical sales blog know me as the author of my ‘How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice and Guidance From a Sales Manager’ book and audio program.

Other Books For Clickbank Affiliates

It turns out that three titles I wrote and have out in the market for sale, including my pharmaceutical sales jobs one, all have digital versions whether ebook only or ebook plus an audio version.  All of these digital versions are available on Clickbank which is the largest digital products retailer online.  All Clickbank products are available as products for online affiliates to promote.  The idea is that webmasters and bloggers can promote Clickbank products and earn commissions on any referral sales.

However, the fact that a I have titles in very different topic areas might have signalled a possible scam.   Good thing this scam reporting website did some research on me and reported that I was indeed not a scam after all and that all titles in my various topic areas are real and solid.  I just happen to have expertise on these various topics.  See the report at their Clint Cora A Scam article.   So at least have some comfort that I am certainly not a scam and if you want real information on getting into this industry, start with my free pharmaceutical sales jobs webinar.

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