Is Pharmaceutical Sales Better Than Real Estate Sales?

#realestate #sales #jobs — One reader of my book ‘How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice and Guidance From a Sales Manager‘ asked me if a pharmaceutical sales career would be better than being in real estate sales, especially given the recession times.

This is a question that I can’t answer for him because if depends on his situation as well as career preferences. Top pharmaceutical sales representatives make a lot of money as well as top real estate sales agents. However, both are in very different types of markets and selling situations.

Although there is a lot of flexibility and freedom during the work day of a pharmaceutical sales representative, it is still under corporate work and therefore more corporate rules and regulations apply. There is less flexibility of vacation time in any corporate world compared to real estate sales which is more entrepreneurial in nature.

There is an opportunity for advancement into management in pharmaceutical companies but again, it will be under a corporate environment. So the choice between the two fields will depend on what type of work environment one would prefer to be in, regardless of money.

The hours are also different as well. Pharmaceutical sales would largely be during office hours where real estate sales, particularly residential, means many evenings and weekends.

So in order to make an informed choice, one would have to get to know more about what’s involved in each field. For pharmaceutical sales, it’s best to network with local representatives and pick their brains about what their jobs are really like including what they love about their jobs as well as what they don’t like. Same thing can be done with real estate agents as well.

There is money to be made in both fields but they are quite different areas of business. For pharma, a good start would be to review my free webinar on pharmaceutical sales jobs.

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