Is It A Good Time To Apply For Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs?

I was asked the other day an interesting question regarding whether it is presently a good time to apply for pharmaceutical sales jobs. Well, the answer will be it depends on the company. Each pharmaceutical company goes through cycles where there seems to be growth in sales force numbers at times and then there are slumps where even layoffs could occur. These depend largely on what’s happening to the pharmaceutical company’s product line.

Many companies have been caught without new products for the market when suddenly some of their original blockbuster drugs got genericized or pulled from the market due to other factors. The drug Vioxx from Merck is such an example. With nothing else new to promote, sales forces can be cut back. During launches of new drugs, it is the opposite with huge sales force expansions with many new positions to fill.

My stance on this is that if one wants to get into the industry, it is important to get your name and face known to inside people such as pharmaceutical sales managers, especially well ahead of any hiring campaigns. This helps put you up front compared to the rest of the crowd. So basically, anytime is a good time to at least network with important contacts in the pharmaceutical industry whether companies are going through growth or slumps with their sales forces. You might not get a job right away but at least you will get your name out there in front of the people who can help you break into the industry.

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