International Medical Sales Job

Is it possible to have international experience in a medical sales job? Well, in the case of medical pharmaceutical sales, I’ve seen it happen during my career. An experienced pharmaceutical medical sales rep from the the US based company Searle many years ago relocated to Canada because of her husband’s job transfer. She got another position with the Canadian sales force at Searle. Of course, since different companies might have slightly different drug product lines and different ways of drug promotion, she simply attended the sales training in Canada to get the knowledge she needed to adapt to the Canadian market.

I have also heard of pharmaceutical companies doing exchange programs where sales reps from different countries (with the same company) will trade places for a few years. Pharmaceutical sales managers have also been promoted to positions in other countries within their companies.

The key is to get the experience and sales record with a company in one country first. And then international experience could be possible later. for information on how to get into the field in the first place, see Pharmaceutical Medical Sales.

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