Improved System Offers Combo Package For Potential Drug Reps

#pharmaceutical #drugs  — Not only have I moved my drug rep careers website and this blog over to a new web hosting service this week, but I’ve installed a new secure online shopping cart system that is far superior to the old one my websites have been using for the past few years.

This one is an improved system which offers a special combo package of both the printed book and audio CD versions of ‘How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice and Guidance From a Sales Manager’ at a combined discounted price.

In fact, our new shopping cart by 1ShoppingCart, which I totally recommend for anybody who is thinking of doing ecommerce, makes it really easy for anyone interested in pharmacutical sales to order either the printed book, audio CD alone or in combination from anywhere in the world.  Shipping worldwide is free for all of these.

The reason why it is advantageous to have both a printed book as well as an audio program is that the important principles for getting drug rep positions are learned much better when one reads as well as listens to the information presented.  Both reading and listening will result in more absorption of the concepts.

The combination package comes at a huge discount compared if each the book and audio CD were purchased separately.  And the three main bonuses including two other digital ebook titles and a free custom evaluation of your pharmacutical sales resume is included with this combo package.

This package is not available at any retailer and is being offered only through my drug rep careers website.  To see much more information about this special combination package, see the descriptions along with the discounted prices at Printed Books and Audio Programs For Drug Rep Careers.

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