Importance Of Right Pharmaceutical Sales Resume

Right Pharmaceutical Sales Resume

Most people who want to apply for a drug rep position automatically fire off a standard pharmaceutical sales resume to HR departments of major drug companies expecting job offers right away.  The sad fact from my own personal observation of having worked in three different drug companies is that HR departments receive piles of resumes each week.

The vast majority of these resumes are just standard cookie cutter type of resumes that people copy from a book of standard resumes.  The truth is that in this type of industry and field that is specialized such as drug representative positions, a standard type of pharmaceutical sales resume just won’t do much to get HR department staff’s attention.

Most Pharmaceutical Sales Resumes Thrown Out

I’ve seen most pharmaceutical sales resumes thrown out and I have tossed out my fair share myself when I was national sales manager for a major drug manufacturer.  Most standard resumes just don’t get the right attention and do not address the specific needs of drug rep positions.

One thing that is a shame is that some of these applicants might have been worthwhile to interview but their skills or actual proof of such skills needed to become a drug rep just didn’t pop out in a standard resume.

To be more effective, one has to learn the right way to write a pharmaceutical sales resume and the best way to do this is from somebody like myself who was in charge of hiring drug reps.  I have an article complete with a video that discusses this important topic for those folks who are interested in pursuing drug rep jobs.  See this at How To Write A Pharmaceutical Sales Resume – the Wrong Way.

Since you want to learn to do things the right way, you might as well also take my free webinar on Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Jobs.  See the details at the sidebar of this blog.

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