If You Get Nervous During Pharmaceutical Sales Interviews

One thing that is always unfortunate to see during pharmaceutical sales interviews with candidates is just how nervous many of them are. Although being nervous is very common among many job seekers during any job interview situation, it is a definite liability when interviewing for pharmaceutical sales positions or any type of sales job for that matter.

As a former hiring sales manager in the pharmaceutical industry, I along with my other sales manager colleagues used interviews to predict whether candidates would be able to do the sales job in a real customer situation. The interviews would be the best device we have to assess a candidate’s suitability for a sales position.

If a candidate is nervous in front of us, many sales managers unfortunately would think that the person being interviewed would also be nervous in front of actual customers. As sales managers, we want confident individuals in our sales forces, not those who would be anxious during sales calls with our customers. Nervous candidates would probably not progress much past first interviews.

To learn what you can do about nervousness during interviews, read the rest of this article at Pharmaceutical Sales Interviews.

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