Ideal Speaker For Pharmaceutical Sales Meetings

#medical #pharmaceutical —  I’ve attended many pharmaceutical sales meetings during my fourteen year career in the industry.  Some were great and totally motivated the entire sales force while some were awful.  The great ones got all of the drug representatives of the company pumped up and eager to get back into the field and promote their drug products.  The bad meetings just turned out to be more pressure from senior management to make more doctor calls.

I got a pretty good idea of what really motivates pharmaceutical sales representatives from my years as both a drug rep calling on doctors as well as serving as both a product marketing manager and a sales manager.  The interesting thing is that the same type of issues and challenges our medical sales reps feel are very similar to those in other industries.

My premise taken in a new video about motivating the sales force is that we all need motivation on a regular basis in order to achieve our goals.  This is especially true for pharmaceutical sales forces.

Drug representatives need continued motivation to deal with tough customers with major objections as well as those doctors who are totally indifferent to your company’s drugs.

There are also the gatekeepers at the clinics and hospitals who block access to the doctors. And don’t forget that life on the road for a drug rep can be a lonely existence since one is working most of the time alone.  These are challenges which test pharmaceutical sales people each working day.

Management must not let motivation slip away since a demotivated sales force can turn out to be very unproductive in the field.  Since sales are the gasoline that runs a company engine, we have to keep the sales force motivated.

Providing great incentives for performance, maintaining regular encouraging communication and running upbeat pharmaceutical sales meetings will go a long way to help motivate a sales force.

It’s the sales meetings which is where motivational speakers can come in.  This is especially true for those speakers who have a background in sales and a knowledge of the selling process.  Even better if the motivational speaker happens to come from the pharmaceutical industry.

Here’s the short video that covers this topic of motivating both your company sales force as well as your customer service staff that deal with the pharmacists and pharmacy staff.

Feel free to comment on this video and pass it along to your sales management.  I would love to come to your pharmaceutical sales meeting as your guest speaker.  Check out my Speaking Programs section at my website to see what I can offer for your company.

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