How To Write A Resume – The Wrong Way!

So far, a lot of people have been very surprised about the article How To Write A Resume – The Wrong Way! since the opening is so typical of what many folks will write in their own resumes.

Of course, I’m not surprised about the reaction. However, the name of the game in job hunting is to stand out from the crowd. If one writes very similar text to what 90% of job applicants out there are doing, then only cookie cutter resumes will result. Your own resume will be lost among the thousands of other resumes.

Clever job applicants know how to differentiate themselves from all others in order to get noticed and get called for job interviews. The website explores this concept in more detail for the pharmaceutical sales field. But take a look at the article mentioned in the first paragraph and see if that is you.

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  • I’ve seen some amazing resume writing tips here. Cheers for all the great tips. Bookmarking right away!

  • Note that the resume styles that I present in my book ‘How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice and Guidance From a Sales Manager’ are uniquely positioned for sales positions. I was a former hiring sales manager in the industry.