How To Write A Resume – Is This You?

“I am highly motivated, energetic and hard working. I have exceptional communications skills both verbally and written. I am analytical and well organized. I am able to work independently and in teams … I am seeking a position in a dynamic company such as yours … please contact me so that we can discuss an opportunity.”

Is this you? More importantly, is this pretty well what you would write in your own cover letter and resume? Well guess what’s wrong with this?

At least 90% of all applicants out there will be writing something very similar. Everyone is claiming to be motivated, organized and hard working. I know this for a fact because I have reviewed hundreds of resumes when I was national sales manager for a pharmaceutical company. They all look the same.

You may very well be highly motivated, organized and all the other desired character traits that companies want but if your cover letters and resumes contain just generic claims like the first paragraph above, they are basically claims without any proof.

What you have written does NOT make you stand out from the rest of the crowd of applicants. Your chances of getting picked for interviews will just be as slim as all the others.

To get noticed from a gigantic pile of resumes is not an easy feat but it is possible if you know how to differentiate yourself. Successful people who have entered and risen through their chosen industries were not simply just lucky to get selected from the resume stack of hundreds. They knew what to write in order to maximize their chances of getting in.

You too can be in this enviable position if you get the proper knowledge on how to set yourself apart. The best way to get this knowledge is to learn from those who are already successful in the field you want to get into.

See my short video at the left side of this blog to see and hear me talk about just how important this concept is for your pharmaceutical sales job search.

Don’t just apply like everyone else. Set yourself apart!

For information on how to successfully enter pharma sales, see pharmaceutical sales field.

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