How To Spot Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives In Medical Sales Jobs

Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives

Networking with pharmaceutical sales representatives in medical sales jobs is a great idea if you are interested in this field but it is highly recommended that you do some solid research into the industry before hand. This way, you can have an intelligent conversation with drug representatives and ask them thoughtful questions. Otherwise, you would be wasting their time since they are busy people.

Spotting people in medical sales jobs is pretty easy if you are at your doctor’s office, a pharmacy or even hospital. Look for well dressed individuals who are carrying large briefcases, similar to those that airline pilots carry. An example of such a briefcase or detail bag as sometimes they are known in the industry of pharmaceutical sales reps, is shown in the short video below.

Video On Medical Sales Jobs Professionals

This is a quick video where I talk about hot to spot pharmaceutical sales representatives in medical sales jobs. I also stress the importance of doing your industry research first and to help you do that, I point you to my free 30 minute webinar all on pharmaceutical sales careers.

This webinar will show you more about medical sales jobs as well as some really good industry background information on pharmaceutical sales. This is really a must see for all aspiring pharmaceutical sales reps out there.

If you know others who are also interested in exploring this field of medical sales jobs, let them know about this video.  It will help them get on the right track towards industry research in order to hopefully land a position someday as a pharmaceutical sales representative.

Again, I would highly suggest that you don’t start to network with pharmaceutical sales reps out there until you have some industry knowledge about their field. ¬†Otherwise , you risk losing some potential valuable contacts in the industry.

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