How The Drug Rep Succeeds In The Pharmaceutical Job

The last two pharmaceutical blog posts covered an interesting real life case showing that sometimes it is possible to successfully sell an older drug against the new blockbusters out there in the market. It’s a matter of finding weaknesses that the new products had.   This is how the drug rep succeeds in the pharmaceutical job especially when selling a medication product that has been in the market already for quite some time.

The drug reps for this small company promoted their older drug as a solution for the problems doctors had with their patients with severe hypertension.  Notice that they didn’t go after all hypertensive patients.  That would be much too competitive with the new agents available.  These drug reps specifically went after a niche within the hypertension group of patients, the severe cases.

These reps identified and successfully went after that niche. Incidentally, I was the product manager who developed this selling strategy for the drug discussed in this case. It was a great feeling to watch the drug reps in my pharmaceutical company succeed in selling this older product in such a competitive market.

Helping customers such as doctors with their problems is part of successful selling and showing that you understand this concept during your job interviews would help you come across as a high potential candidate for a pharmaceutical job in sales. It’s up to you to show pharmaceutical companies how you can help with their sales of their products. My book ‘How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice and Guidance From a Sales Manager‘ covers this in depth – click the link for more information.

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