How About A Six CD Pharmaceutical Sales Audio Program?

#pharmaceutical #jobs #sales #medical  — Presently, my book ‘How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice and Guidance From a Sales Manager’ has an audio version which is about five and a half hours long.

In addition to being downloadable audio files, it also comes in a single MP3 CD if requested.  I’ve been thinking of converting the entire program into standard audio CDs that can be played in the car or any standard CD player.  The present audio version, being MP3 files, cannot be played in most car or standard CD players.

I tried to estimated the time and space required if all MP3 files were converted to standard audio files and it would take at least five separate CDs to accommodate everything.  Then a sixth CD will be required for the digital text version of the book which I will include as part of the overall package.  So this would end up being a six CD pharmaceutical sales audio program.

How do you all feel about that?

I did something similar when I converted my book The Life Champion In You, which is a motivational personal development book, from its former single MP3 CD into a four CD audio program.  Again, the three hour audio program in this case required three separate CDs to fit the audio and a fourth CD for the ebook PDF file.

So needless to say, a six CD audio program for my pharmaceutical sales program will be a huge product but then again, it really is a big one.  The MP3 files which are compressed, kind of hides the fact that there is so much information in the program.  Perhaps a six CD version will really be a more accurate reflection on the size of the overall program and how much information is offered.

No definite plans for a full conversion yet but I’m heading that way each week.  Any comments or suggestions on this will be welcomed.

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  • Jenny Choi

    Hi Clint,

    As a candidate who got the most out of your material and transformed it into reality, I do not promote this idea of converting it into CDs. Reason I decided to transcribe the audio version manually was because I knew I would take any valueable information you share directly to my brain to keep lasting thoughts plus I would have more appreciation for me because of the tireless work I put in transcribing it. On top of it, I used different color pages for different chapters to help me stay within the vicinity of variety.

    Listening to your program on a CD player while driving? I don’t care if one has children at home or has to work overtime but listening to this kind of material while driving would never stay in one’s brain longer than two days. That’s my honest opinion because I just don’t think the effort placed in producing such item will bring out the equal value of end results. Would the sales level go up? Probably…. Would there be more successful candidates of pharma sales reps? That…I highly doubt. Would you be getting more of those resumes that need ton of revision? I think I can bet you on that one 😉

  • We always get comments from people who want to play the audio CDs in their cars, particularly those who commute a lot. But all the variations of the comments point to one thing – different people like to learn in different ways. Some like to listen while some prefer to read. Like the last commentor described, she doesn’t like to listen to audio in the car while there are many who do.

    So our response here so far is that we will continue to offer the audio download, the printed book, the ebook and as for the CD option goes, we would still move towards the six-CD option for those who want it. The only change is that we would replace the single MP3 CD with the six-CD version that can be played anywhere, ie., a better CD version for those who want the CDs.

  • Interesting.