Help For Drug Reps To Avoid Procrastination

Drug Reps Can Avoid Procrastination

Drug reps like pretty well all other people, sometimes procrastinate either in their work or in their personal life in some way.  This is such an important topic that I chose to shoot an entire video of my Motivational WebTV on offering an effective solution to help avoid procrastination.

It comes down to understanding that procrastination is quite common and that it can affect the best of us.  Then we have to accept that sometimes, even the best of us for certain goals or tasks cannot be done by ourselves.   These are the cases where we end up often procrastinating.

Video To Help Avoid Procrastination

I shot this video of Motivational WebTV to help everyone, including drug reps in this industry to avoid procrastination.  See it at Effective Solution To Avoid Procrastination video.

I hope it will help you to become more efficient in your own life and career when you end up getting more of the important tasks done rather than spend hours sitting in some swing like the one in the tree photo below.  Of course, you deserve to spend some time sitting on such a swing after you get the important things in your life done.

If you are from outside the pharmaceutical industry and wish to look into becoming a professional drug rep one day, see my free webinar on careers of drug reps.

avoid procrastination
Creative Commons License photo credit: sun dazed

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