Got Out Of My Comfort Zone On The Ski Slopes

I often talk about expanding or getting out of your comfort zone during my motivational talks. I do practise what I preach and I will share a recent example. I’ve been trying to get from a Level 1 certified ski instructor to a Level 2 for many years. In doing so, I had to ski in ways that were not within my usual comfort zone in skiing. This included skiing on steep double black diamond slopes as well as doing short radius turns.

So I made a commitment to train twice per week this winter and get out of my comfort zone by doing a lot of short radius turns on all sorts of terrain including steep double black diamond hills. I was not successful in passing my Level 2 course last winter but with committed regular training this winter, I was successful in passing the retest.

Looking back now as a new Level 2 instructor, I knew that I had to constantly expand my comfort zone on the ski slopes so that I became comfortable with short radius turns and steep slopes. This is true with any goals you want to achieve whether it’s getting a new job in pharmaceutical or medical sales or anything else. So with that in mind, check out my general article on expanding your comfort zone.

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