Gets No Response When Applying To Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives Jobs

Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives Jobs

I got this email from somebody who told me that she keeps sending in her resume for pharmaceutical companies representatives jobs but never gets any response from them.  I’m not surprised one bit because this happens more often than not since there is so much competition out there for such positions.

This lady claims that she has what it takes for pharmaceutical sales representatives positions if only a company would give her a chance.  Believe me, I hear this a LOT from many others who are trying to do the same thing and get their start in this industry.

Knowledge For Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives Jobs

Now, interestingly enough, this same lady did not mention about her networking activities or contacts with the right industry people.  She is not a registered reader of my book ‘How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice and Guidance From A Sales Manager‘ so at this point, I can’t offer her a custom evaluation of her resume which is a bonus perk that is offered only for my registered readers.  I don’t know what her resume looks like so I can’t comment on it.

In my book and audio program, I outline a 115 step process towards pharmaceutical sale representatives positions.  I doubt very much if this person has done even 1/3 of these important steps.  She’s probably blindly sending in resumes to companies and as a result, she’s blowing her chances with each one.

If she is serious about pharmaceutical sales representatives jobs, she should invest at minimum, the equivalent of a night out for two at the movies for my book – that’s all it cost for the ebook version.  Right now, it’s very clear that she does not have a clue on how to proceed in a smart way in her job hunt.  The choice is her’s or anybody else’s out there who is half serious about getting into this field.

Start with my webinar on pharmaceutical sales representatives and go from there.

pharmaceutical sales representatives jobs positions
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