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Pharma Marketing LinkedIn Contacts Get Free Ebook

I will offer my free ebook called ‘Real Life Case Studies In Pharmaceutical Sales‘ to all of my LinkedIn contacts who work in pharma marketing or sales.  They can then share it among their colleagues if they want to and even use some of the cases as examples in their sales force training.

The five case studies which came from my own pharmaceutical industry career will help highlight important sales and marketing lessons in this field.  I actually made this ebook available for anybody out there who wants it in a previous blog post.

Of Interest To Pharmaceutical Sales People

The people who will be most interested in this free ebook will fall into two camps.  First will be those in pharma marketing and sales departments of pharmaceutical companies.  I do have many of these people among my LinkedIn contacts.  Other people from other departments will benefit as well but these are primarily sales and marketing type of cases.  If you know of others in your company who deal with marketing and sales, it would be a great idea to forward this ebook to them.

The second camp will be those individuals who would like to work in the pharmaceutical sales field.  These cases clearly show a big part of what happens in the business that most of the general public will never see or hear about.  This is like an insider’s view into how business is done in pharma marketing by pharmaceutical sales reps.

So if you would like to get a free copy of this ebook, just go to ‘Real Life Case Studies In Pharmaceutical Sales‘.

Those who want to get into the industry are also encouraged to take my free webinar on pharmaceutical sales careers too.

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