Former Pharmaceutical Sales Management To Help Motivate You

Former Pharmaceutical Sales Management

During my fourteen year career in the pharmaceutical sales industry, I held positions as a drug representative, a hospital specialist representative, a sales trainer, a product marketing manager and a national sales manager actively managing other pharmaceutical sales reps.   I know this field inside out and I’m totally aware that the drug representatives spend most of their time alone out in the field or sales territory.  The job can be a very lonely existence and sometimes it can be hard to motivate oneself on the job.

When I was working in pharmaceutical sales management, part of my role was to help motivate drug representatives during my field days with them.  This is a definite necessity for pharmaceutical sales forces on a continuous basis especially if sales for certain key products are not doing as well as expected.

Pharmaceutical Sales Management Can Motivate New People

Of course, with my past industry background, I can help new people who want to get into the industry, first with my pharmaceutical sales jobs webinar and then other additional resources.  All those new to the industry and serious about becoming drug representatives should go through this free webinar.

I’m well aware that those trying to get into the pharmaceutical sales field these days can face big challenges and therefore much like existing working drug representatives, also need to keep motivated on a continuous basis.  This is why my other area of interest and expertise will also help people — to stay motivated on a regular basis.

I’ve come out with a new video about my free personal growth self help development guide at my Motivation Blog which will come in handy whether you are currently working as a drug representative or seeking such a position.

As a former pharmaceutical sales management executive who has dealt with many drug representatives, I know that we all need motivation on a regular basis so the free personal growth self help development resources I’ve put together at the other blog will certainly help out a lot.  Check it out.

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