Finding The Solution Part Of Medical Sales Job

The last blog post introduced a new case study where doctors had to use a number of new antihypertensive agents to adequately treat patients with high levels of hypertension.  This would result in a high cost of treatment for the patients. After all, we are taking about taking a number of these new costly drugs every single day.  For the drug rep, helping the doctors finding the solution is part of the medical sales job.

The pharmaceutical company in this case study had an older antihypertensive drug that’s been out for years and long forgotten by many in the medical world.  However, unlike the newer agents out there, the official indication for this company’s older antihypertensive drug was in fact for moderate to severe hypertension, the very area that many doctors are having problems with.

This was a drug that was specifically designed to handle tougher cases of high blood pressure. And as a bonus, this older drug was not expensive compared to the newer antihypertensive agents. So the drug reps went into their sales calls and got the acknowledgement that there was indeed a major weakness with the newer antihypertensive agents. The doctors admitted that the big blockbusters just couldn’t handle the severe cases on single drug therapy.

The drug reps quickly offered the ideal solution which was to use their older drug which was specifically indicated for this tougher group of patients. These medical sales reps stressed that the cost of treatment with their drug would be significantly lower than compared to combining a few of the newer agents together. They even gave out a pocket sized price comparison card which listed the cost of treatments using the different antihypertensive drugs on the market. The doctors loved this piece as it was a handy reference tool for them.

Although this company was not able to make any major dents in the medical sales of the market leaders with its older product, it wasn’t the expectation. By sliding in the older drug for a specific group of patients that the newer medications weren’t able to address very well, the drug reps were able to carve out a healthy niche for themselves in this competitive market as sales for their product went up quite nicely.

We’ll continue with the main lessons of this wonderful real life case study in a medical sales job in the next blog post tomorrow.  I hope it gave you a good impression on the role of the medical sales drug rep.

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