Fall is Good Time of Year to be a Drug Rep

Since we are now into the fall season, I recall that this is always a nice time of year to work as a drug rep, at least in the northern US and Canada. The sweaty hot summer is over and the cold snowy winter is not yet here. This means that traveling around to different doctors offices and hospitals is much more pleasant and comfortable from a weather point of view.

Most of the doctors are also back from summer holidays so organizing CME or continuing medical education events will be back in full swing. Then there’s the eager effort of the sales force to make the final sales push to secure their numbers for the rest of the year. An exciting time.

Since the pharmaceutical sales industry is back into high gear during the fall, this would also be a great to network with drug reps and others in the field for those of you who are looking to enter pharma sales. Get out there and learn as much as you can about how drug reps work.

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