Experienced Pharmaceutical Rep Talks About Book

Here’s what Alex Wasylycia, a very experienced pharmaceutical rep with over ten years field experience says about Clint Cora’s book, “How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice and Guidance From a Sales Manager”;

“Although aimed at those wanting to break into the pharmaceutical industry, this book is also useful for experienced pharmaceutical reps who are either: a) considering switching companies  b) wanting to re-enter the field after trying something else for awhile, or c) recently unemployed due to lay offs in a worsening economy.”

She further adds;

“It has practical and easy-to-follow steps on getting into (or back into) this lucrative field.  Not only was it a good refresher of stuff that I already knew, but I also picked up a few smart tips that I hadn’t thought of previously!”

This is a great stamp of approval from a pharmaceutical industry veteran like Alex.

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