Evaluations For Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Resumes

#resumes #pharmaceutical #sales #jobs — For those readers of my book ‘How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice and Guidance From a Sales Manager‘, who are still planning to send in pharmaceutical sales rep resumes for custom evaluation, please note that I will be out of the country from November 2 to November 12.

The turnaround for these resume evaluations is usually pretty quick within 48 hours but since I will be going to a country with very limited internet access, I will likely not be able to check email until my return.

So if you do send in your pharmaceutical sales rep resume during this time, I will probably not be able to get to it until mid November when I get back to my office and clear all other existing business.

I will be speaking as a keynote presenter in Havana during my trip and then spending a few days in a remote area scuba diving since I haven’t taken such a trip in a long time. During my absence, my pharmaceutical sales website should still be running at full speed which means that if you haven’t ordered my invaluable book or audio program yet, it is still possible during this time.

The digital versions of the book and audio program are still immediately downloadable upon ordering while I’m away. The printed book version and audio CD versions however will have to wait until I return in order to fulfill them. The printed book however, can still be ordered at Amazon while I’m away since they do carry it.

Again, for pharmaceutical sales rep resumes and other questions, I won’t be able to get back to you until mid November.  Keep in mind that evaluations of resumes are only available to the readers of my pharmaceutical sales book or audio program if they ordered through my website.  This is one of the four free bonuses they get.  Other folks who send in their resumes expecting an evaluation who are not readers will not get one.  I have to prioritize my time for those who are my readers.

If you haven’t taken my free 30 minute Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Webinar, you are still more than welcome to.

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