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Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs

Some of my readers of my book, ‘How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice and Guidance From A Sales Manager’, come back to me and ask if I could be one of their references to add in their resumes for pharmaceutical sales jobs.  Although I’m always flattered to be asked, my answer is unfortunately no.

The reason for me declining on such reference requests is that in order for references to be ethical, they should always be from individuals who have worked with you in a professional job setting.  These can be former superiors, colleagues who were on the same level as you or even clients or customers you had previously worked with.

Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs Best With Ethical References

When applying to pharmaceutical sales jobs, it is best with ethical references only.  Any other people outside of the circle I mentioned would not be considered influencial because they have not seen you in action on the job.  This includes myself as well.

If I agreed to be one of your references and you have not worked with me in a past job position, then this in my mind would be unethical.  Not only have I never met you face to face, but I really have no idea what you are like on the job.  So I would not be an accurate reference for you.

The best references will come from your own past job history.  Go back and think about the best people who could give you the best references.  Use those people especially if they can cite your skills related to pharmaceutical sales jobs.

Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs Webinar

If you are just in the interest phase of pursuing pharmaceutical sales jobs and want to know more about the field and what would be required to get such a position, check out my free webinar on careers in it.

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