Entry Level Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs Require A Degree

Entry Level Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs

I was asked about entry level pharmaceutical sales jobs by an individual who thought that he has all the skills required for such a career.  This gentleman was in his early 20s and became a single father at 17.  Therefore, after high school, he went on to work on various labor intensive jobs to support his kid rather than go to college.

He asked me whether it was still possible for him to get even entry level pharmaceutical sales jobs without a college degree.  I had to tell him the reality of the industry where at least in the USA and Canada, a university degree or college degree will be a prerequisite in getting a pharmaceutical sales job.

In fact, if a pharmaceutical sales resume doesn’t indicate that a candidate has completed a college degree, reviewers will immediately throw that resume in the trash.  After being a hiring pharmaceutical sales manager and having worked with many HR people, I can say that this is one very quick way to screen out the piles of resumes that show up each week.  No college degree equals no need to read the resume further.

Entry Level Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs Require Some Science

Even entry level pharmaceutical sales jobs will require some science.  Having said that, companies will do all the training of new pharmaceutical sales reps so a college degree in science is not absolutely necessary.  But nevertheless, a degree of some kind is still required.  This indirectly shows that a candidate is capable of commitment to being trained.

Of course, many people without degrees can also have this same level of commitment but the fact is that there are lots and lots of qualified candidates out there already vying for entry level pharmaceutical sales jobs with college degrees.  So the competition is really tough.

My advice to this gentleman if he still was serious about pursuing pharmaceutical sales, is to get a college degree.  I was quite honest.  Even taking my pharmaceutical sales jobs programs will be a waste of time for him without a degree.  My webinar on pharmaceutical sales jobs clearly states the requirement of the college degree.

entry level pharmaceutical sales jobs college degree
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