Entertaining Inspirational Quotes For Nurses

#nurses #nursing #inspirationalquote  –  I was alerted to a post from a nursing blog on a collection of interesting, entertaining inspirational quotes for nurses.  This was the first time that I has seen such a collection for a specific healthcare professional group such as nursing.

The only thing that is missing from this rather big collection is an inspirational quote of some kind about nurses and pharmaceutical sales representatives. I think there was already some mention about doctors and patients but no drug reps.  Many nurses at clinics do interact with pharmaceutical sales people who call on the hospitals and clinics.

The other relationship between these two fields is that some nurses will end up switching careers to become drug representatives for pharmaceutical companies.  They have the right clinical background already and hospital nurses in particular will probably already know the ins and outs of the hospital system.

Knowing such hospital systems will certainly help in knowing who is who in a hospital as well as the general process of getting a company’s products listed on the hospital’s formulary status.

The only thing that interested nurses will have to prove to potential hiring companies is that they have superior communications skills and selling potential.  After all, pharmaceutical sales jobs are still sales careers rather than healthcare clinical positions.  Many business type of skills will have to be learned and nurses will have to prove that they can be trained on such new skills.

The transition from nursing to pharmaceuticals although related fields, is still an industry change and therefore all nurses who are interested in becoming drug reps should take my free 30 minute Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs Webinar which is perfect for nurses.  It will give them a good insight into what is required for this interesting career choice that offers many perks that is not available in clinical positions.

In the meantime, do enjoy the inspirational quotes for nurses that was brough to my attention.

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