Education Important If Interested In Pharmaceutical Recruiting

#sales #jobs #hiring — For those who want to get into pharmaceutical sales and interested in the pharmaceutical recruiting route, realize that the recruiters generally are interested in only those with the industry experience. Those are the types of candidates that they are likely to place successfully with companies. That’s how they make their money. Candidates without the right industry pharmaceutical sales experience will not be of much help for recruiters but this doesn’t mean that all is lost for hopefuls.

One has to get the right industry education about the pharmaceutical world and then go after other routes besides pharmaceutical recruiting. It is much better to deal directly with people who are working in pharmaceutical companies.

The book ‘How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice and Guidance From a Sales Manager’ does just that. There’s also an audio version of this book as well. Here are some more comments from a past reader.

“I would first like to state this book was an absolute joy to read, and I am so glad I purchased this before blindly jumping into the industry. The material was presented very well. It was easy to follow and read, and the chapters were presented in a logical sequence. I found the addition of your personal experiences to be invaluable. I guess the whole e-book is your personal experience, but when you reference an experience of X or Y, it really drives a point home.”

“I would personally like to comment on Chapters 6 to 10 … WOW! In my opinion, those four chapters alone are worth the $27 I paid!  Your strategy, insights and attention to detail on how to break into the industry are unlike anything out there. I have seen several web pages that claim to know this and that, and might mention ‘networking’ but nothing like you present. I feel you have done an outstanding job on sharing this technique. You covered everything from A-Z, and I am going to follow your suggestions to the ‘T’.”

“Mr. Cora, you give your customers tremendous value! I am convinced for the e-book, it is the best priced info on the internet, possibly anywhere. I thank you for your efforts to create such a beneficial book.”

James Bruce, Malabar, FL

A good way to start your education about the industry is to take my free webinar on pharmaceutical sales.  This will help you start with other routes besides pharmaceutical recruiting.

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