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#sales #pharmaceutical #drugs — When I was on my pharmaceutical sales consulting project last week for a major company, I got to check out two different storage lockers for two different drug representatives.  Many drug reps these days rent out storage lockers to store all their drug samples and literature for promotion.

In the old days, many drug representatives use to store samples and drug literature at home.  This is what I did when I was working as a drug rep.  But these days, many pharmaceutical companies have a policy that all drug samples are to be stored at external storage facilities with heated lockers.

When I went to visit the two different storage lockers, I saw two very different scenes as far as drug samples were concerned.  One locker had only a few boxes of samples left while the other had lots.  By this time of the year, most of the drug samples that drug representatives received earlier in the year for their respective sales territories should have been handed out to doctors and clinics already.

As a former national sales manager and product marketing manager in the pharmaceutical industry, I don’t like to see so many drug samples left in the storage locker, especially by this time of the year.  It kind of tells me how a drug rep has been working or not.

Drug samples are costly to produce and if they are sitting in a drug representative’s storage locker, they are not being put to use to generate the prescription sales on territory.  Drug samples should be out there in the field in doctors’ offices and clinics where they can be used to start prescriptions for patients.  That’s how you get the sales in this industry.

The difference that I saw in the drug sample inventory at these two storage lockers were very significant.  I almost couldn’t beleive my eyes when I saw what was left in the locker with the huge pileup of samples left.  To make matters worse, these sample were soon to expire in the spring of 2011 so there’s not much time for them to be used.

The drug representative for this territory better get out there and distribute those sample quickly and get the doctors to use them.   Otherwise, these drug samples will be a huge waste in pharmaceutical sales marketing dollars.

If you are curious about how this industry works and would like to explore the possibility of working as a drug representative, see my free webinar on pharmaceutical sales jobs.

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