Drug Representative Job During Winter Months

Winter And Business Suits

The other day, I had to go out to do a motivational speech at a suburb north of Toronto which was in the opposite part of town to where I’m located.  It just so happens that the greater Toronto area just got hit with a big snowstorm overnight.  Therefore, the morning traffic to get to my speaking engagement was awful.  All the city roads and the major highways were down to a slow crawl.

Walking around outside and getting things in and out of my car was a hassle too especially since it was messy which didn’t make my clothing (business suit and overcoat) easy to keep clean.  Then I thought about my years as a drug representative when I had to deal with this type of weather condition day in and day out all winter long.

Being A Drug Representative During Winter

If you live in the northern US or states that see snow during the winter months and of course everywhere in Canada, you will have to deal with these conditions each working day.  I remember getting in and out of the car to each doctor call and going back to my car trunk to get more drug samples.  It was not easy to keep my clothes clean especially the cuffs of my suit pants when getting in and out of the car.

But if you want to be a drug representative, you will have to deal with these issues for a few months each year during winter.  If you get a few appointments in a medical building or hospital, at least you might be able to make a few doctor and pharmacy calls within the  same building.

So keep these factors in mind.  If you want to stay inside a dry and warm office all day long, a drug representative job is not for you.  However, if you are willing to put up with winter, especially in snow areas, then a drug representative position will be great for you since it has lots of perks.  See my free drug representative career webinar for my information on this field.

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