Drug Rep Story At Toastmasters Meeting Went Well

My drug rep story at a local Toastmasters meeting went quite well as I dug up one of my earliest experiences when I first started out as a drug rep. I even used a drug rep detail bag as a prop. I gave the audience the basic structure of how prescription drugs are promoted and sold in the market which they appreciated. I outlined the steps from detailing the doctors all the way to the patients getting their prescriptions filled at the pharmacies.

Then I talked about one particular doctor I called on who had previous bad experiences with one of the drugs I promoted and what I had to do over the next year in order to convince that doctor to prescribe again.

This story was from my first year in the pharmaceutical industry. My involvement in pharmaceutical sales lasted over 14 years with stints as a drug rep, sales trainer, product manager and a national sales manager when I was in charge of hiring and managing drug reps.

I have since written a book for others on how to get jobs as drug reps since my industry experience would definitely qualify me on teaching the right steps to enter the field.

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