Drug Rep Jobs Can Involve Central Buying

Drug Rep Jobs Plus Central Buying

I will be providing some workplace diversity training to a government agency next week and this reminded me that some with drug rep jobs will have to deal with central buying.  Normally, different locations of an organization such as hospitals and pharmacies purchase their stock of drugs separately.  However, the government agency such as the one I’ll be visiting as a diversity speaker is one I’ve come across before when I was working in my drug rep jobs.

Such government agencies have decided to consolidate all their buying into one central location which in turn will supply all other locations across the country.  This means that only one drug rep from an entire company will be dealing with this organization nationally.  Whatever the drug rep territory that the central buying location happens to be located in, that drug rep will be the assigned individual to call on the agency.

Others In Drug Rep Jobs

The others in drug rep jobs with the company will have to rely on an internal system where they will try to allocate sales credits back to each individual territory if possible.  This was quite a nightmare for the pharmaceutical companies since we want to allocate sales fairly to each territory.  Of course, it’s also not an exact system unless the government agency is willing to supply a detailed allocation which in most cases, is not granted to pharmaceutical companies.

Centralized buying is however becoming a reality for many national organizations and those with drug rep jobs will have to face this .  In many ways, it makes things harder since the national level of sales in a particular organization rests solely on the efforts of a single drug rep.  Others across the country can try to influence some demand from their own individual territories but the success rate of that is unknown.

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