Don’t Rush To Get Pharmaceutical Sales Resume Evaluated

Pharmaceutical Sales Resume

One of the biggest perks as a free bonus for readers of my book or audio program called “How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice and Guidance From A Sales Manager“, is a custom pharmaceutical sales resume evaluation by yours truly, a former sales manager in the industry.  There is not many opportunities out there where one can get a sales manager to review your resume for free before you start circulating it out to potential pharma companies.

However, what I find is that many readers are so eager to get their pharmaceutical sales resumes evaluated, they very quickly send in their document as soon as they order the book or audio program.  These are obviously existing resumes they had.

The big problem with this approach is that once they send in their document to get a review, they will get a custom evaluation for one time only.  Some people want another critique after they attempt to fix up their resumes based on my comments but they still haven’t read the book yet to get a good understanding of what the concepts are.

The bonus offer is a single time one only.  That is, I only evaluate each reader’s resume once so the moment they exercise this offer, no further critiques are possible.  Therefore what I always suggest is for folks not to be in so much of a rush to send their documents in.

Study Chapters On Pharmaceutical Sales Resumes First

Instead, they should read the book or listen to the audio program and study the resume examples carefully to learn more about the best strategies.  Then try to modify their resumes based on what they learned from the book.  After one has done what they can in terms of modifications, then they can send in their pharmaceutical sales resumes to me for evaluation.

This is how they will get the most bang for the buck with a single time evaluation.  It is a great bonus but do use it wisely since you only get one chance for a free pharmaceutical sales resume evaluation.

For more information on this field, see pharmaceutical sales jobs information for a free webinar.

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  • Silvana

    My name is Silvana and I have been interested in this career since my parents started doing it years ago. I have been around the field with them a couple times and I love it. I moved to North Carolina year and a half ago, I’m in college and I am ready to get on the right path to reach this job.

    I just found your blog for and have been reading for a little while. it is very interesting! I really enjoy reading about the real situations in a sales rep world and learn more about how to do better.

    As I said Im getting ready to reach my goal so I would like to know if you would be willing to help me out with an interview for an assignment about being a sales rep. I would really appreciate your assistance and your time.

    Thanks and have a great day!


  • Thanks for your comment Silvana. The best thing is for you to get access to my free webinar on pharma sales careers. Just go to