Do Pharmaceutical Sales Reps Work Heavy Snow Days?

Pharmaceutical Sales Reps On Heavy Snow Days

This was a question that was asked of me some time ago and since today my city of Toronto is pretty well snowed in from a very heavy snowstorm last night, I might as well write about it today.  The short answer to the question is yes, pharmaceutical sales reps do work in all kinds of weather including heavy snow days.

When I was a rep, I worked through all weather although some doctor appointments might be cancelled due to weather.  From the pharmaceutical sales management department’s point of view, snow days are work days unless the roads are so bad that it’s not practical to move around.  Different companies may have different policies on this as well as different managers may have different policies for their pharmaceutical sales reps too.

Pharmaceutical Sales Reps Dress For Weather

From a temperature point of view, anything goes.  I knew a pharmaceutical sales reps who actually wore a snowmobile suit over his business suit when the temperature dropped to sub-freezing weather in Manitoba and nobody seemed to mind.  The road trips in the rural areas might get tricky and if roads are bad, they could delay schedules up a bit so some juggling of appointments might have to be made.

Sometimes this appointment juggling can end up affecting the pharmaceutical sales reps especially if certain doctors do not offer frequent appointments for reps.  This has happened to me and I have missed opportunities to see hard to catch doctors due to cancellations from heavy snow days.  That’s just part of the pharmaceutical sales reps days.

One plus about snow days for pharmaceutical sales reps is that medical offices will likely not be very busy since there will be many patients cancelling appointments so drop in physicians may be easier to see during such days.

To get more details on this field, see my Pharmaceutical Sales Reps Careers webinar.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Allen Bearce

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