Do Pharm Reps Have To Go Out and Find Customers?

One member of my Toastmasters club asked me recently about the job of pharm reps since I was in the industry for 14 years. She is currently exploring different careers and pharmaceutical sales is on the list. She asked me if pharm reps had to go out and find customers. My answer to her was that by now, most sales territories are pretty well established by the pharmaceutical companies and new pharm reps going into these territories would have the luxury of company intelligence including lists of customers such as physicians and clinics. There would probably be data on which are the most important customers to call on as well if the previous pharm reps in the territories did their record keeping well. Of course there may always be some changes with doctors retiring or moving and new doctors coming in so it would be the job of pharm reps to update customer lists for their territories. In these instances, then yes, the pharm reps would be finding new customers but the vast majority of customers will already be well known to pharm sales forces.

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