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#jobs #sales #resumes #pharmaceutical  —  Looks like my readers of my book ‘How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice and Guidance From a Sales Manager’ have been taking advantage of one of the most valuable bonuses they get when ordering directly from my website.  And that bonus is the free custom evaluation of their pharmaceutical sales resume.

I did several of them this week alone and they came from readers based in the USA as well as one from Australia.  I’ve evaluated resumes from the UK as well as Canada and I could say that most of them are quite similar in format.  So it doesnt’ really matter where they come from as we can still accomplish a goal of producing a much better pharmaceutical sales resume than before.

This great bonus is available only to those readers who went through my website directly.  At this point, those who bought from other sources like Amazon are not eligible for the free bonuses I offer which now number four separate bonuses including the custom evaluation by yours truly.

The turnaround time for getting the evaluations done are about 24 hours now during the summer, sometimes even less.  For those who recently ordered my book or audio program, I would urge that you don’t rush to send in your resume before you get a good chance to edit it on your own after thoroughly going through the chapters on resumes in my book first.

This free pharmaceutical sales resume evaluation is a one time offer only and if you rushed to send it in before going through the book, you will have to keep in mind that I don’t do second reviews after you have changed some things around on your document after getting feedback from me.  So you want to submit the best version that you can produce based on what you learn from my book first.

For more details on the book as well as the four great bonuses that come with it, see Pharmaceutical Sales Book and Audio Program.

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