Did Another Toastmasters Speech Like a Pharma Sales Executive

I did another speech at one of the local Toastmasters clubs last night and this one was probably the closest to the way I made presentations when I was a pharma sales executive (sales manager and product manager). Although the main topic was osteoporosis, this particular version was twice as long in length and I used Powerpoint slides like I use to do in the pharma sales industry. There was a nice audience of about 20 people who were all appreciative of the information I presented. Many were also guests in addition to regular Toastmasters members as they came especially to hear about osteoporosis. The question and answer period at the end also indicated that this topic was of major interest to many members of the audience since osteoporosis can affect everyone eventually.

During the introduction of me as a speaker, my previous positions in the pharma sales industry were mentioned including pharma rep, sales trainer, product manager and national sales manager. Numerous names of top medical experts I’ve worked with in the past on various osteoporosis-related projects were also mentioned. They also gave a brief mention of my book, “How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice and Guidance from a Sales Manager“.

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