Couldn’t Find Medical Representative Hiring Companies

Medical Representative Hiring

A reader sent me a message recently claiming that she’s been handing out pharmaceutical sales resumes out to all her friends and contacts for two years and haven’t come close to a medical representative hiring yet.  She’s wondering if she should give up.

She said that she has lab tech experience as well as a bit of sales experience under her belt.  Well, this general background has gotten people into pharmaceutical sales but I told her that in her case, I couldn’t really comment because I haven’t seen her resume and most importantly, I haven’t interviewed her.   I also don’t know just how active she’s been networking with industry people during these last two years.  Most individuals do not in fact networking as extensively as they should be doing.

I wouldn’t be in any position to recommend her either especially since I haven’t sat down with her in a personal interview.  As a former hiring sales manager, I would pretty well know during a pharmaceutical sales interview whether she would be a good candidate or not for any medical representative hiring.

So she asked me if I would interview her and unfortunately, my answer was no.  I am not in the position to take my time to do interviews with people who are trying to get into pharmaceutical sales.  After all, I’m no longer a hiring manager and there’s no point for me to take time out to interview any individuals out there who want to be a candidate for a medical representative hiring.

It’s better for people to do their own local networking with the industry to get more present direct contacts.  My book ‘How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice And Guidance From A Sales Manager’ already gives a lot of detail information and step by step action plans to do this as well as other important tasks in order to get a medical representative hiring.

Interested individuals in this field should take my free webinar on pharmaceutical sales jobs first.

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