Coming Out With Pharmaceutical Sales Success Stories

I will be posting some of my most memorable pharmaceutical sales success stories from all my previous years out in the field calling on doctors, clinics and hospitals.  These are actual real life cases which describe challenges and how they were conquered from a pharmaceutical sales point of view.

This will give you a glimpse of what the industry is like and perhaps a better appreciation of just how much marketing and sales planning are required for successful business in this industry.

Pharmaceutical sales levels of pretty well any prescription and over the counter product can be tracked quite accurately even by pharmacy and postal zip code these days.  This capture system allows sales forces to really zero in on which areas are performing well and which ones need attention.

It’s certainly not like the old days when all drug representatives had to do was simply drop off free drug samples at various clinics.  Drug reps really must sell to the doctors and other medical staff.

The success stories that will be outlined here clearly illustrate some of the strategies that sales and marketing departments of pharmaceutical companies must use in order to be successful.

These stories are quite entertaining and will be posted here on this blog individually over the next few weeks.  They can actually be talked about during job interviews for pharmaceutical sales positions because interviewers always love to hear and discuss sales stories from the field.  You don’t have to have been part of any of these particular successes but even to mention that you read them online will show the interviewer that you’ve been doing your research in this industry.

So stay tuned as the first pharmaceutical sales success story will be posted soon.

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