College Students Need To Research For Medical Rep Jobs

Medical Rep Jobs

I was recently called by a college student who told me she would graduate this year.  She wanted to talk to me about future medical rep jobs.  She wanted my opinion on what her chances were given that she was female.  In fact, this was one of her first questions.

I quickly asked her whether she knew what the field involves.  I asked her this because she obviously got my phone number off my pharmaceutical sales careers website where she has access to many resources there.  Her answer would tell me whether she took the time to go through any of them before calling me.

When she told me that she really didn’t know what medical rep jobs involve, I reconfirmed by asking specifically whether she went through my free webinar yet.  She said no nor has she read any of the many information articles and videos I have online there.

So what she basically did was try to bypass her own initial research that she could have done by going through articles and webinars to get to me on the phone thinking this would give her some short cuts.  Well, she came across as somebody who obviously did not have a clue on what a medical sales job is.

Do Your Research Before Contacting Industry People

The lesson here is that if you want medical rep jobs or any job for that matter in an industry that you are not familiar with, do your initial research first so that you have some understanding of the field.  Then go ahead and contact industry people but definitely not before.  Otherwise, you end up like this college student who came across as totally ignorant and wanting short cuts.  You want to come across as somebody who has done his or her research when talking to an industry professional.  I’ve made it easy by providing a lot of information resources to help you at my pharmaceutical sales careers website.

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