Celebrate And Plan For Medical Sales Job Hunting In December

I know it’s December and most people just feel like celebrating the holiday season with friends in family rather than work on medical sales job hunting right now.  That’s okay as you should go ahead and celebrate with some relaxing with good people around you.

However, I would also strongly suggest spending a bit of time to learn about the medical or pharmaceutical industry and do some initial planning for your sales representative job hunting for January.  The medical and drug representatives are about to go on holiday as the industry pretty well shuts down for the last two weeks of December.  You won’t be able to contact many for networking purposes at this time.  When I was in the industry, I often took most of December off due to saved vacation days.

After New Year in January, the medical and pharmaceutical  sales reps as well as their managers will be coming back on territory again in full force.  Although they will be going on their first sales meetings of the year, they will be pumped and ready to go in the field.  So ideally, you want to be ready to restart your own medical sales job hunting which should include active networking with them in the New Year.

Rather than doing your job hunting activities blindly, you do want to do some initial planning in December so that you are prepared next month when things get rolling again.

If you haven’t already, you should definitely view my free 30 minute webinar on pharmaceutical sales this month as part of your preparation for your medical sales job hunting activities.

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