Can Tell Which Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Works Harder

Pharmaceutical Sales Rep

I’m about midway through my pharmaceutical sales management consulting contract this week for a major pharmaceutical company as mentioned in my last post.  I was taking a peak at a few drug sample lockers of reps who were let go and I could sort of tell one of the reasons why they were let go compared to those drug reps who were spared of a layoff.

The ones who were let go seem to have a lot of drug sample stock left in their lockers whether they are expired samples or those that are still in active dates.  As a former pharmaceutical sales force manager, I do not like to see a ton of drug samples left in stock.  It just means to me that the drug rep in question was not working hard enough out in the territory.

Samples Should Not Remain In Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Lockers

Sample left in pharmaceutical sales rep lockers are doing nothing to create business.  They should be in the hands of physicians and the doctors should be actively encouraged to use them for patients.  Drug samples, especially ones for contraceptives, anti-inflammatories and anti-hypertensives are great precription generators.

If they are not in the doctor clinics, the samples are not there to do the job of generating new prescriptions for the company.  Pharmaceutical sales reps who work hard tend to go through a lot of drug samples and it’s part of their job to make sure that samples are being used out there.

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