Can I Do Pharmaceutical Recruiting Or Referrals?

One question I got from a reader of my book and audio program “How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice and Guidance From A Sales Manager” is whether I would be in a position to refer that person to a pharmaceutical company or hiring manager.  In other words, would I be able to do pharmaceutical recruiting or be a referral?

My answer is it depends.  In fact, this same question has been asked by quite a few other past readers before and I am honoured that I would be considered a good potential reference.

However, my stance on whether or not to be a reference will depend largely on how well I know the candidate in terms of potential and skills.  This is what would be expected of me because others in the industry will take my words seriously and have high expectations of any candidates I refer.

Therefore, if I have never worked with the person before, then the only way for me to assess the candidate is to interview that individual myself.  And this would mean face to face interviews rather than telephone or email dialogue.

Only after a face to face personal interview and if I’m satisfied that somebody would be a good candidate for a pharmaceutical sales job would I ever be in a position to refer someone to industry people.

So if I have never interviewed you face to face or have never worked with you either in pharmaceutical or any other industry (other industries are okay), then it is unlikely that I will be able to refer you.  This is what would be expected of me in the first place by my pharmaceutical recruiting colleagues.

Rely on your own contact list that you build up in your own local area.  Those will be the best sources of possible people to refer you to hiring managers.

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  • Jenny

    I feel confident in asking you to be a reference source because I know I had given my all up to this point in reaching where I am today. In the event you were to say no, I got nothing to lose or to be affected by because of how much I gained from your audio clip and book.