Breaking Into Pharmaceutical Sales By Selling Copiers?

Since there’s been discussion about selling copiers as a prerequisite to breaking into pharmaceutical sales, I thought that I would write a much needed article on this interesting subject.  Read the article on breaking into pharmaceutical sales via the copier route.

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  • Smith6846

    Enjoyed your articleI will agree that most copier salesman are aggressive, But what I have noticed, the ones that are aggressive don’t seem to last long since customers will only put up with this for so long. I know, I have been a copier salesman for 14 years and have seen many aggressive salesmen go into Pharmaceutical Sales and use the same aggressive sales techniques and only last a short while. Yes some customers need a push here and there but as a sale professional you need to know the right time and how much you need to push for the sale. To be a true sale professional you need to take a lot of different sales techniques and combine them to develop your own style. So I believe anyone can be in sales as long as you are open to learn all aspects of being sales professional

  • Clint

    Agree on all counts. Thanks for your comment.Clint

  • Greg Walters

    Wow.First – any outside selling experience is good.If you’re aggressive, you don’t usually last in ANY industry, even auto sales.I would say, Pharm sales would help you break into Document Management Sales -