Best Way To Get Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs Book In Europe and Middle East

#pharmaceuticalsales #pharmaceutical  — I had an enquiry this week from Dubai on what would be the best way to get the printed version of my pharmaceutical sales jobs book considering shipping.  This book is available through Amazon in the UK and Europe.  Just go to the Amazon link which will take you to their main site in the US.  Then go all the way to the bottom and choose either the UK or one of the other European countries like Germany.  This will take you to their sites in Europe.

Once you are on the site that is located closest to your area, enter my author name ‘Clint Cora’ in the search box.  My title “How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice and Guidance From a Sales Manager” will come up (along with my other title ‘The Life Champion In You‘).

The pharmaceutical sales book will be the blue cover one.  Check the price and shipping costs.  Since they are located closer, their shipping would be much less than if we were to ship a book from North America and it would be faster as well.

If you could do without the printed book and take the ebook version or the downloadable audio version (which includes the ebook files), this would simplify things enormously.  As long as you have a high speed internet access, you could download the ebook and audio files right away no matter which country you are in.

The electronic versions, which happen to be the most popular versions of my pharmaceutical sales jobs title sold, do not require any waiting for shipping since they are immediate downloads.  These electronic versions are also priced a bit lower than the printed book and audio CD set.  They contain exactly the same information as their hard copy counterparts.

So my suggestion for overseas customers is to either go through Amazon at their site which is located closest to your country for the printed version of the book or go for one of the electronic downloadable versions for immediate access and no shipping costs to worry about.  You still get the same excellent information on pharmaceutical sales jobs.

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