Benefits of Being a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

A career in pharmaceutical sales offers some of the best benefits and perks anyone can ask for in a job. Typical starting salaries are in the low $30,000s and established representatives can have base salaries in the $90,000s. Bonuses on top of that for high sales performers can easily push incomes into the six figure range.

But in addition to the money, there are numerous other attractive perks in pharmaceutical sales. One of the nicest perks that pharmaceutical sales representatives enjoy is the use of recent model company cars. These are usually midsize sedans that are leased under a company fleet program.

Company car leases are usually short term with durations of a few years only so the sales representatives end up driving relatively new vehicles all the time. Once a company car’s lease expires, the rep gets a new vehicle! All the maintenance costs such as tune ups, oil changes, gas and insurance are paid for by the company so basically the sales reps get to drive their cars for free.

In addition to a company car, a pharmaceutical sales representative also has access to an expense account which enables him or her to entertain customers such as physicians on a business level whether it is for meals at nice restaurants or other for business social activities such as golf outings or attending sporting events.

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