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#australia #australian — It’s interesting to see where my pharmaceutical sales jobs readers come from. As expected, the US has always been my largest country source of readers but interestingly enough, the second largest contingent, especially in recent months, have been Australia.

It’s great to have Australian pharmaceutical sales jobs readers from down under and that my book and audio program “How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice and Guidance From a Sales Manager” is proving to be very useful for folks there.

Of course, with the digital versions of both the book and audio program, there’s no need to wait for shipping to an overseas location such as Australia since online downloading is all that’s required to get the same information that is contained in the printed book.

With high speed internet connections, Australian pharmaceutical sales jobs readers (listeners) can download all the audio files for the audio version too. Note that high speed access is required for the audio program because the files are quite large.

The Australian pharmaceutical sales industry is similar to that in Canada as well which is why the facts from the book easily translate to countries there. The same goes for other countries around the world where there is a modernized pharmaceutical industry and system for promoting to physicians.

The first suggested step for anyone around the world who is interested in pursuing a career in pharmaceutical sales is to take my free 30 minute webinar which is packed with great information on the field.

One can access this via the previous link or at the blog sidebar (or at the pharmaceutical sales Facebook page too).  Any of these routes will lead you to my webinar which has been helpful to many globally.

I look forward to hearing about some success stories from my Australian pharmaceutical sales jobs readers as well as those from around the world.

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  • Hi there! Just drop in to ask a quick question here; will your information be relevant to people other than US? I know for a fact that you are based there but pharmaceutical sales reps are scattered all over the lot. And what about other pharmaceutical related field, for example, medical devices sales; would it still relevant?

  • My pharmaceutical sales careers information has helped aspiring reps all over the world. As long as it’s a country where the pharma companies have active sales forces calling on physicians, my book and audio program will be relevant. Having said that, medical device sales is a different field but there is some cross over info regarding networking, cover letters and resumes that will be helpful for those reps as well.