Another Case In Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Jobs

#drugs #pharmaceutical #pharmaceuticalsales  —–   I hope you enjoyed the first case study over the last three blog posts.  I’ll introduce another one in today’s post which will also benefit those who are thinking about pharmaceutical sales rep jobs.  Unlike the first case which looked at how to sell a newer drug against an older one, this case is the reverse situation where pharmaceutical sales reps have to sell an older drug against more popular and successful newer ones on the market.

This is an interesting pharmaceutical sales scenario involving the very competitive antihypertensive market (blood pressure lowering agents). This is a market where new antihypertensive drugs are received quite well by many physicians as pharmaceutical companies who market them tend to aggressively promote the additional cardiovascular benefits of their products besides just saying that they simply lower blood pressure.

Not surprising, the most popular antihypertensive drugs on the market tend to be the fairly newer ones. It is extremely difficult to market an older blood pressure drug against the top blockbusters widely used today.

But one company was actually successful in doing just that. This pharmaceutical company had marketing rights to an older but unique alpha-beta blocker antihypertensive that was not widely used, even when it was first launched in the market many years ago by another company.

When the pharmaceutical sales reps with this company asked doctors what they used for their hypertensive patients, the newer drugs were usually mentioned. This was of no surprise. Most of these doctors showed little interest in using an older drug like an alpha-beta blocker.

So the company had to find a workable niche. It turned out that all of the top market leaders in the antihypertensive market were officially indicated for mild to moderate hypertension. This meant that they were all very effective in lowering blood pressure that was not too severely high.

But when it came to patients with severe hypertension, the newer drugs did not do a very good job at lowering blood pressure adequately. Doctors often had to combine two and sometimes three or more of the different new drugs to control blood pressure for these severe cases. This would result in a high cost of treatment for the patients. After all, we are taking about taking a number of these new costly drugs every single day.

This issue represents an opportunity in the world of pharmaceutical sales rep jobs and we will explore more into it in the next blog post.  Click on the link to see details of a 30 minute webinar on this exciting professional field.

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